Developing your course, adding content, or adding features like activities, blocks, or resources.

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KB1005 - Customizing the Collapsed Topics course format

The Collapsed Topic course format gives course designers and their users more control over how their course content is presented.

KB1243 - Using FilterCodes for Course Enhancement

VCC Moodle includes an advanced feature called "FilterCodes" which allows you to personalize and enhance your online course by including course and user-specific details.

KB1287 - Manage Embedded Files in Moodle's Editor

In Moodle's Editor, the "Embedded Files" toolbar icon allows you to add, remove, or download files which can be used in any resource or activity in your course. By uploading files into your course this way, you're using Moodle's File Manager to store a file once that you can create links to again and again, without needing to re-upload the file each time you want your Students to see it.