KB1068 - What are Groups and Groupings?

What are Groups and Groupings?

Groups are used to group together groups of students (and teachers) for various reasons.
For example:

  • You want to filter your activities and gradebook so you only see a certain group at a time
  • You  share a course shell with another teacher and you want to filter out your students' activities and gradebook from the students of your colleague.

Adding Groupings allows you to go a step further and allocate particular activities and resources to certain groups of students.  For example, in a multi-level course shell, with multiple levels of students sharing a shell (at VCC, several departments use program shells, which contain links to all the courses within the program) allow Level One students to see only Level one resources and activities.

Think of Groups as WHO (the users) and Groupings as WHAT (activities and resources).

Note that users can be in more than one group and grouping at a time. The same applies to Groupings, so a Level 2 student CAN (if the instructor chooses) still see the resources and activities from Level 1. 

Also note, that Teachers should put themselves in any of the groups that they want to administer.

For more information, see Moodle Docs for Groups and Groupings.

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