KB1078 - Should I ask for a new course shell, or reset my current one?

Here are some scenarios to help you decide how to prepare your Moodle course for a new session:

My course has ended, and I will be teaching this same course next session.

In this case, it's easiest and most practical to re-use your existing course shell and contents, and just unenroll  the current batch of students. This requires a course shell Backup, followed by a Reset.

This article describes the backup/reset process in detail:

(Note: The Backup archive you will create will store a "snapshot" of the state of the course on the date of the backup - e.g. you most recent offerring of the course, with all student enrollment info, submissions, forum posts, and other activity. This backup can always be restored as a new course if you want to review that particular course offering or review student activity.)

If for some reason you do not have the rights to perform these functions in Moodle yourself, contact elsupport@vcc.ca for assistance.

I need a new variation of an existing or previous course (e.g. an evening session).

If your course is similar to an existing course, but must remain completely separate from other similar courses, you should request that it be created from a copy of an existing course shell from your program or department.

This article describes the Moodle course shell request process at VCC:

(Note: You should seek the approval of your Department Head or relevant Faculty before using a copy of someone else's course as the basis for your own course design. This relates to professional courtesy, and also may save you from breaching any existing copyright licenses on content used in the course you want to copy.)