KB1078 - Should I ask for a new course shell, or reset my current one?

This article has been revised to reflect new policy and procedures.

Although resetting a course shell used to be acceptable and even recommended in order to save time and server space, VCC Policy requires that course shells be kept, along with student enrolments and their activities and grades, for a minimum of 2 years after a course end date. For this reason, RESETTING IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

If you require a copy of your course for an upcoming term you should now request a course copy (or "clone," as we sometimes call it).


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Thu 12/5/19 10:48 AM
Tue 4/5/22 10:12 AM

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If you are requesting a new Moodle course shell, please fill out our Moodle Shell Request web form so that your request will be recorded and handled correctly.

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