eLearning Support (Faculty & Staff only)

eLSupport helps VCC faculty/staff with eLearning, Moodle, and online course content. Visit http://CTLR.vcc.ca for more resources.

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Learning and using the Moodle learning management system at VCC.

Real-time polling systems, such as TurningPoint or Socrative.

Issues, methods, tools, and policies relating to copyright, content usage, fair dealing, creative commons, OER, and the ethical sourcing of materials.

Known issues, news, and tips for popular browsers at VCC.

The best ways to ask eLearning Support for help, to be sure that your issue gets resolved quickly and efficiently.

Issues, support, and tips for using tablets and mobile devices in online learning.

Known software bugs or performance issues related to Moodle, its components, or other eLearning tools supported by CTLR.

Using webinar platforms like Zoom and Teams for online teaching.

Using the WeBWorK math and science homework platform at VCC.

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