KB1178 - Using Course Tags

Use a Moodle course tag to identify how the shell is currently used. You may find that, over time, your course shell develops from a simple student resource shell to a blended learning shell. If that happens, please remember to update your course tag. Please note that these tags are for reporting purposes only, and have no effect on you or your students.

Your course tag can be viewed and changed on your course settings page. Just scroll to the Tags category, at the bottom of the page, open it up and choose your tag from the drop-down list. To remove an existing tag, click on the small "x" on the left side of the blue tag.

Available course tags are shown below, with a short explanation of their use.

Use only one tag per Moodle shell.

Student accessible shells:

  • Student Resource/Repository only - contains only student course material covered in class and/or student grades
  • Blended - includes online student activities and/or course material that complement face-to-face activity or support independent study
  • Fully online - contains most or all of the student resources and activities of the course and students rarely or never meet in the classroom
  • Add-on (additional resource or activity) - a shell used by one or more other courses, but not a course on its own
  • SIE student project - project or practice shell for students of the School of Instructor Education

Employee only shells:

  • Department internal use only - accessed by department faculty and staff only
  • Non-academic (e.g. VCC Groups or Committees) - has no VCC student enrolments and is not intended 
  • Employee training - used for training VCC employees
  • Sandbox - used by VCC employees to practice Moodle
  • Template - used only for making copies of new shells
  • Other - anything that doesn't fit any of the other tags (please contact eLearning Support to discuss a better option)


  1. The only Moodle "activity" in the shell is the assignment activity which is used simply as an assignment drop-box for students to upload their completed work,. Use Student Resource/Repository only, because there's no real ONLINE activity taking place, only a file submission.
  2. The only Moodle "activity" in the shell is a forum where students are required to participate. Use Blended, because there in an online requirement for the course.
  3. A shell was created for the sole purpose of holding student ePortfolios during the length of their two year program. Every student in the program has access to this ePortfolio shell, but it is not a full course. Use Add-on (additional resource or activity).
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