Learning and using the Moodle learning management system at VCC.

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Getting started using Moodle, or authoring your first VCC Moodle course at VCC.

Developing your course, adding content, or adding features like activities, blocks, or resources.

Managing who uses a Moodle course, and what they can do.

Using Moodle's Quiz module and Question Bank for tests and exams.

Keeping courses and resource shells efficient, removing unused shells, and reducing clutter and file size.

Using the Kaltura media management system to host audio and video media for Moodle users.

Requesting and improving Moodle workshops, online learning support documentation, and CTLR training courses.

Unique Moodle topics that don't fit anywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Moodle LMS.

Helpful tips that you'll probably use more than once.

Creating audio, video, and interactive digital media for online courses and other projects at VCC.

Extending Moodle's capabilities using third-party plugins, or by integrating remote services.

Making the online learning experience more accessible for everyone at VCC.

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