KB1122 - Creating offline activities to grade paper-based assignments

If your quizzes are administered on paper (or anywhere outside of Moodle), you can use an "Offline Activity" in Moodle to create a place to hold a score for each student's submitted paper quiz.

  • In your Moodle course, turn editing on (in the upper right corner of any page)
  • In the section/week/topic where you need it, select "Add an Activity", and pick "Assignment".
  • In the screen that appears, type in a Name for this activity (e.g. "Mid-week Quiz")
  • Under Description, give your Students some useful instructions, like "Please hand in your completed quiz to your Teacher no later than [date]. Your Teacher will enter your quiz grade in Moodle."
  • Farther down, under the "Submission types" section, UNcheck everything.
    (You don't want Students to be asked to enter some text on the screen, or upload a file to you, or record any audio for this. With those Submission Types unchecked, this becomes an "offline" activity. Normally you'd use this to create an assignment where a Student could submit a file or some online text to you for grading, but in this case, if they're submitting something on paper, we want no Types checked.)
  • Under "Grade", you can set the maximum grade (default of 100, synonymous with percentage)
  • Click "Save and Display" to view your handiwork. On the Assignment's page, you'll see Moodle state "This assignment does not require you to submit anything online".
  • You'll can now see this activity in the course's gradebook. You can grade each student for this as you receive their papers, and Students can see their grades under "Grades" in the Admin block.



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