KB1019 - Adding or Managing a Block in a course

A Block is an item which can be added to the left or right or centre column of any page in Moodle. (They can even be added to the centre of the Dashboard.)

Blocks are modular and movable, and can be easily re-positioned or hidden from view. You can blocks to add resources, activities, or features to your course which may not applicable to one particular section or topic in your course, but that you want to be easily accessible to your learners. 

Here's a video from Moodle HQ describing how to add a block and manage Blocks in your shell:

How to Add a Block

In order to add Activities, Resources, or Blocks, you must have editing turned on for your course.

With editing turned on:

  1. Access the navigation drawer (on the left).
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the drawer.
  3. Click on +Add a block.
  4. Choose the block from the list (they are in alphabetical order).

Your block should now appear, either on the far-right margin on wider screens or below the course content on narrower screens (such as on mobile devices).

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