KB1199 - How to use "My Media" in Kaltura

Kaltura is the platform that VCC uses to manage audio and video media. Kaltura allows VCC instructors and students to easily share and manage video content. Users can upload, publish, and search videos, embed videos into online courses, and create video-based assignments and quizzes.

What is "My Media"?

In Kaltura, "My Media" is the personal, private media repository belonging to each single user. Your "My Media" repository is where your media initially resides after you upload or capture it into Kaltura. (You cannot view the "My Media" space of another user and they cannot view yours.)

Files stored in your "My Media" repository can be reviewed, searched, and edited before you decide to
publish, embed, or link them into a Moodle course.

Where is "My Media"?

Open your "My Media" page by clicking on "My Media" option at the top of a Moodle course, or in your User menu at the top-right of any Moodle page:

Moodle's User Menu with the My Media option selected

Take a Tour

The video below provides you with a full walk-through of the typical functions available in "My Media".
It shows you how to:

  • Find media files, using the search and filter options
  • Change the layout of the page (detailed or collapsed views)
  • Edit or delete your media
  • Publish your media to one or more courses (and how to unpublish)

More about Filters in "My Media"

This brief demonstration video shows more detailed filtering options from your My Media page:


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