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This article covers some best practices in naming a Moodle course at VCC.

In each Moodle course shell, there are two required fields for naming a course:

Long Name and Short Name

  • Long Name is used in the course listings in User's Moodle Home pages (e.g. after they login), and other places wherever long names can be displayed.
  • Short Name is used in the breadcrumbs at the top of pages inside a course, and in other places where a smaller descriptor is needed.

Format for a Course's Long Name

NURS 1003 - Health Promotion 1 [Class 185]

In this example, we use the course's four-letter+four-number code, followed by a hyphen, and the full name of the course.

After that, in either square brackets or parentheses, we include a class or cohort number, a Termcode and CRN, or something else which specifically describes which offering this is.

Other acceptable examples might be:

HOSP 2207 - Economics [Wallace]

HOSP 2207 - Economics (Fall 2014)

ATAP 1001 - AST Foundation 8 Month (60072/60078 May 2014)

Since Moodle may contain more than one version of a course shell (such as multiple offereings of the same course, given by different teachers, or at different times), the goal of this naming scheme is to give Moodle users (VCC Teachers, Students, or Staff) enough information to know that they are selecting the correct course shell.

Format for a Course's Short Name

The Short Name just omits the full name of the course, and looks like this:

NURS 1003 [Class 185]

The same use of session, CRN, Termcode, or Instructor name in brackets applies, for the same reason:

HOSP 2207 [Wallace]

HOSP 2207 (Fall 2014)

ATAP 1001 (60072/60078 May 2014)


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