KB1287 - Manage Embedded Files in Moodle's Editor

In Moodle's Editor, the "Embedded Files" toolbar icon allows you to add, remove, or download files which can be used in any resource or activity in your course. By uploading files into your course this way, you're using Moodle's File Manager to store a file once that you can create links to again and again, without needing to re-upload the file each time you want your Students to see it. This makes it easy to re-use a file multiple times throughout your course.

For example, if you had a Word template file that you want Students to download in more than one assignment (e.g. as their starting point for a writing activity), you could upload that template file into your course's file manager using "Manage Files" icon. After that, by selecting the file in the File Manager, you could easily create hyperlinks to that file inside your activity description text, or select the file to be used in the "Additional Files" box in your activity.

How to Upload and Manage Files Using "Manage Files"

  • Access the Moodle editor by editing your activity or resource.
  • Expand the Moodle Editor toolbar to show additional toolbar icons, using the left-most icon on the top row ("Show/hide advanced buttons").
  • The "Manage Files" icon will be on one of the revealed rows of icons.
    Click the icon to open the File Manager and view any files used by your resource/Activity:
    Manage Files icon in Moodle editor toolbar
  • The File Manager window will appear.
    Moodle's Manage Files window

Adding a File

  • You can drag and drop a file right into the box above, to add it to the File Manager. The file will appear as seen above.
  • You can also click the "Add" icon to select a file to upload from your computer or to select an existing file from a folder in your course.

Managing a File

  • Download a copy of a file by checking its checkbox and clicking the Download icon above.
    (You may do this if you need to revise a file that was previously uploaded, and then re-upload it to the File Manager.)
  • Delete a file by checking its checkbox and clicking the Trashcan icon above.
  • (You can also do these operations by clicking on the name of the file, and using the options in the small "Edit" window that pops-up.)

Click the "Close" (x) icon once you're finished using this window.

Creating a Hyperlink that Opens an existing File

To make a link that your Students can click on to open of download a file, do the following:

  • Highlight the section of text you want them to be able to click on (or type in some text).
  • Click the "Link" toolbar icon and select "Browse Repositories" to locate the file you want to link to.
  • In the File Picker window, select the "Embedded Files" repository, and click on the file you want.
  • Click "Select this file"
  • Your new link will now be added in the Moodle editor.
  • Hit "Save and Return" or "Save and Display" to save this change.  


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