KB1254 - Using LaTeX Expressions in H5P

Using LaTeX Expressions in H5P

It's possible to embed LaTex notation into your H5P activities to render mathematical expressions. Basically, anywhere you can insert text in an H5P activity, you should be able to insert LaTeX notation to render a mathematical expression. 


Mathematical expressions can be added to all text fields in the H5P authoring tool. There are three different ways you can use to let H5P know this is LaTeX:

  • \( some LaTeX \) for inline LaTeX, commonly used as part of sentences within a text
  • \[ some LaTeX \] or optionally $$ some LaTeX $$ for block LaTeX, commonly used as a standalone formula that will be centered


This supports MathJax for rendering Math. (There is no support for KaTeX, although this may be added in future.)

This page from H5P.com shows a sample of the display and its usage:

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