Using the Kaltura media management system to host audio and video media for Moodle users.

Articles (33)

KB1046 - Using a Transcript-capable Player on Kaltura Videos in Moodle

How to select the Transcript-capable video player to display transcripts underneath your Kaltura videos.

KB1047 - Using a Plain "Skinless" Player for Kaltura Videos

How to use a custom Kaltura video player to remove certain video playback controls (e.g. rewind, fast-forward).

KB1067 - How to delete a video from Kaltura

How to permanently delete an unwanted Kaltura video.

KB1228 - Creating Automatic Closed Captions in Kaltura

How to create closed captions automatically, using Kaltura's built-in machine-captioning service.

KB1249 - Allowing downloads of your Kaltura video

If you want to allow your Kaltura videos to be downloaded as MP4 video files, this article will show you how.