KB1051 - Sharing your Kaltura Media with others

It's possible to share your Kaltura media to other users through a hyperlink, similar to "share" options on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting services. This allows you to email the link or post it to external information systems that have access to the web.

This kind of sharing must be done through VCC Mediaspace, the VCC Kaltura content portal that exists outside of VCC's Moodle LMS.

First, let's login to VCC Mediaspace:

  • Surf to http://mediaspace.vcc.ca
  • Click on "Guest" in the upper right, and select "Login"
  • Login using your VCC credentials
  • The "Guest" option will now be shown as your name. Click on your name and select "My Media"
  • From here, click on the media item that you want to share

Now, we need to set the media item to be "unlisted" so that only people who receive the URL from you are allowed to view it.

  • In the "Actions" menu, select "Publish"
    The Kaltura Actions menu, with Publish selected
  • Under "Publishing Status", click "Unlisted", and click "Save"

With that done, now you can click on the "Share" tab and copy the "Link to Media Page" URL to your clipboard. (That's the link you can send to people to view your media.)
The Kaltura Share tab open, with "Link to Media Page" selected

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