KB1084 - How to Find Videos Created with Kaltura Capture

When you capture video using the Kaltura Capture application, all the files you save and upload to the Kaltura server are also stored locally, on your desktop computer.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to find local copies of your captured video files.
For example, you may want to re-upload them to your Kaltura My Media area, or to import original multiple streams of video (e.g. multiple cameras or screens) into a video project using other editing software.

Finding the path to your saved Kaltura Capture video recordings



About Your Kaltura Capture Files

Once you find the folder containing your Kaltura Capture recordings, the files you see there may appear to have gibberish names.

image of Kaltura Capture saved file folder

So what kinds of files are you seeing here?

  • .mp4 files: The .mp4 files are the video recordings. If you recorded two sources (e.g. Screen and Webcam), there will be two .mp4 files. You can play them locally on your computer to figure out what each video is.
  • "Slides" folders: The "Slides" folders exist if you ran a PowerPoint presentation in presentation mode during your Capture recording. (Note that if you have folders like these, it means that Kaltura created chapter markers for your video.)
  • .json files: The .json file contains the media upload parameters for Kaltura Capture.
  • .jpg files: The .jpg file is the thumbnail that Kaltura generated.

We strongly recommend against deleting or renaming any files in your "Recordings" folder. The recommended method of deleting Kaltura Capture recordings is by using the Kaltura Capture application Library view (that you can access via the "Manage" link in the Kaltura Capture recording bar), but make sure they are in your "My Media" and working as expected first.

(Adapted from "Kaltura Capture Recordings Won't Upload", Sept. 24/22, UC San Diego)

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