KB1231 - Using Kaltura's Built-in Video Editor

Kaltura includes a built-in, web-based video editor that helps you trim or snip out parts of your videos, without any external software.

While not as full-featured as other desktop video editing tools, it's conveniently located inside your Kaltura "My Media" environment and runs in your web browser.

(It works on most web-enabled devices, although may be difficult to use on small, mobile screens).

Getting Started with Kaltura's Video Editor

The following video gives a full example of using Kaltura's built-in video editor:


  • The video editor can be launched by clicking on your media in My Media, and selecting "Launch Editor" under the "Action" menu.
  • When saving the video after editing, it's usually best to use "Save as", so that your edited video does not get saved over-top of your original video. 

Editing and Saving Clips from Multi-Steam Videos

What is Multi-Stream Video?

Kaltura's video editor can handle single stream and multi-stream videos. Multi-stream videos contain more than one video source, such as a Kaltura Capture recording of computer screen activity AND a webcam stream of the speaker's spoken presentation. In Kaltura's video players, these are usually rendered as a Picture-in-Picture display, and the viewer is allowed to flip which of the multiple streams to view as the main one and which to view as a thumbnail in the corner.

Seeing Multi-Stream Video in the Editor

This screenshot shows you a multi-stream video loaded into the Kaltura Editor:

image of Kaltura video editor

In this example, you can see the "Content Selector" icon, located below the "Play" button. (If your video only has one stream, that icon doesn't appear.)

Clicking the "Content Selector" icon opens up a pop-up showing the video's available streams. Left-click on the one you want to edit. After that, you should see the stream you clicked on in the horizontal timeline bar below.

Closeup of kaltura video editor content selector

You can flip back and forth between each stream, performing edits in the timeline.

The Kaltura section "Clipping and Trimming Media with Multiple Streams" covers multi-stream editing tools and steps in much greater detail. 

Note: When you want to save your edited version out, it's advisable to click the "Save a Copy", so that your original media is not overwritten.

Saving out one Stream from a Multi-Stream Recording

It's possible to save a single stream from a multi-stream video (for example, to extract a screen capture demonstration without secondary stream showing the webcam recording of the speaker's head). Unfortunately Kaltura's interface does not provide an easy way for users to do this. Please contact eLSupport@vcc.ca for help extracting a single-stream from your multi-stream recording.


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