KB1228 - Creating Automatic Closed Captions in Kaltura

Automatic (Machine) Captioning in Kaltura

At VCC, Kaltura's video captioning is done "by machine", using a 3rd-party service integrated into Kaltura in Moodle and Mediaspace.
(Note: Videos uploaded or captured to Kaltura after August 2022 will automatically have captions added. Videos that were added before then must have captions added using the steps described here.)

All users who can login to Moodle or VCC Mediaspace have access to the "Caption & Enrich" feature. Users can order captions when editing the properties of one of their videos, by clicking "Caption & Enrich" in the "Action" menu in their "My Media" page.

Kaltura's Action menu, showing the Caption and Enrich option

From there, they can fill in the "Order Captions" fields for their video. (The options are all preset and cannot be changed.)

Just click "Submit" to submit your captioning request:

Kaltura's Order Captions screen

The system will display a message saying that the request is being processed. There may be a delay of around 30 minutes before the captions are ready - perhaps more if the video is very lengthy.

(Note: Completion time is just a ballpark guess by the system - videos will take longer or shorter, depending on system load, the length of the video, how many other jobs are already in the request queue, etc.)

When your captions are ready, you should receive an automatic email notification from Kaltura.

When the caption is completed, it's added automatically to the video and the video owner can edit it online using Kaltura's onboard caption editor, available under "Edit >> Captioning".

If you need help using captioning features in Kaltura, please contact eLSupport.

Editing captions in Kaltura:

Make sure your captions are correct and accurate!