KB1047 - Using a Plain "Skinless" Player for Kaltura Videos

When you embed a video into your course or a web page, a Kaltura Player is specified to present and control the video being played. Normally, your video will appear in a default Kaltura player with a large "Play" button in the middle and standard Play/Pause and scrubber timeline controls underneath.

But what if you don't want your viewers to be able to rewind or skip ahead in the video? It's possible to use a custom video player to restrict the playback controls available to your audience.
eLearning Support has created a "skinless" Kaltura video player that plays a video without any controls visible: Users just Play or Pause by clicking on the image, and there's no rewind, fast-forward or other controls available.

Applying the Skinless Universal Player to your Embedded Videos

There are two ways to use the Skinless Player on your Kaltura videos:

1. Using the "Embed Kaltura Media" toolbar button

You can embed your Kaltura media into any Moodle resource or activity using the "Kaltura Media Embed" toolbar button in Moodle's editor.
Moodle Editor, showing the "Embed Kaltura Media" toolbar button

Click the Embed Settings button to select the "Skinless Universal Player" for this video embed:
The Embed Settings button in the Kaltura media selection window.

2. Manually Editing an Existing Embed Code

In an existing Kaltura video embed in your Moodle course, you can edit the HTML code to change the Player ID code to that of the skinless player.

Using the HTML view in Moodle's editor, you can see your video's HTML embed code.
Look for this text:


That 8 digit number specifies which Kaltura player will load the video for onscreen viewing. (That number is the default player used for your current context and device.)

To change the player to the skinless one, just replace that 8 digit number with the number 23449903 (keeping that trailing slash at the end), like so:


After you save it in Moodle, your embedded video player will be skinless.

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