KB1249 - Allowing downloads of your Kaltura video

From time to time, you may want to allow your Kaltura videos to be downloaded as video files (MP4). This could be necessary if you need to host a video at another video host site (e.g. YouTube) or if you need to import the video into a video editing project.

(Note: The following steps should apply to Kaltura in both Moodle and Mediaspace. The terminology and user interface will be almost identical.)

How to allow a Kaltura video to be downloaded as an MP4 file

To make an existing Kaltura video available to download, you must change the video's download setting:

  1. In your My Media area, select the Pencil icon beside the video you want to make downloadable:Kaltura media being edited, by clicking on the Pencil icon
  2. Select the Downloads tab: 

  3. Beside ‘Available Formats’ check ‘Source’ and then click the Save button
    Kaltura media with Download being enabled by clicking Source checkbox
  4. Click the Go To Media link to view the video. A Download option is now available to users viewing your videos:
    Kaltura media details, with Download option now available
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