KB1229 - Organizing Your "My Media" and Media Galleries (Playlists)

No Playlists or Folders Inside "My Media"

Currently, there's no way to create folders or playlists inside your "My Media" page in Kaltura. Over time, your "My Media" area will become full, and Kaltura's robust searching and filtering features will become very helpful in finding your media.

One method to try reducing the number of items in My Media is to change a video's ownership to a different VCC Kaltura user. This approach makes sense if the video was something that you originally created on behalf of someone else, for example, if you helped a colleague to capture a video that was later published into a Moodle course that both of you were instructing.

Changing the ownership of a video doesn't change its published status or availability. It just changes whose My Media page the video is listed in.

Ownership settings for each video is found under "Edit", in the "Collaboration" tab. (eLearning Support can also change the ownership on a batch of videos at all at once too, if you can tell uwhich videos to work on.)

You can Organizing a Course Media Gallery Using Playlists

In each course's "Media Gallery", you *can* create playlists to group content into related categories.

Instructions from Kaltura: Create and Manage Channel and Media Gallery Playlists
(Look under the section titled "Create a Channel/Media Gallery Playlist")