KB1239 - Embed your Kaltura audio media in Moodle's built-in player

It's possible to store your large audio files in VCC's Kaltura media hosting platform, and play them inside Moodle's built-in audio player, instead of using Kaltura's large video player. This is done by creating a custom URL that can be embedded into a Moodle Label or URL resource, and gives you a more compact and convenient player that works in any browser and mobile platform.

You can ask eLearning Support to help you build the custom URL

If you want to ask eLearning Support to assist you, please submit a Moodle support ticket using our online eLSupport request form.

In your support ticket, please provide the following information:

Find the unique Kaltura ID code of the audio you want to use in your Moodle shell:

  1. Go to VCC's MediaSpace repository at https://mediaspace.vcc.ca
  2. Find your audio in your "My Media" folder in Kaltura, and click on it so that you are viewing it and its details.
  3. Click on the "Share" tab, and provide us the last 10 characters in the share URL, located after the last forward slash:
    e.g. In the sharing URL "https://mediaspace.vcc.ca/media/0991_Film_Lesson_01_Innocents/0_lqy6gzt2"
    please provide us with the part after the last slash: 0_lqy6gzt2

Or, try to build the custom URL yourself

For your Kaltura audio to play in Moodle's audio player, you must construct a new URL that looks like this:


...where the characters after the part "entryId/" is Kaltura's unique ID for your audio media.
In the above URL, the entry ID is 0_lqy6gzt2

Creating a Moodle-friendly URL:

  1. Replace those characters with the unique Kaltura ID of your audio media
  2. Paste the whole URL into a browser address bar (as a test), and you should see your audio display in an audio player in your browser.
  3. IMPORTANT: Once you can view your audio from that custom URL, have another look at the URL in the browser: It will have changed now to have an ".mp3" at the end (Kaltura does that). THIS new URL with the mp3 at the end is the one you must paste into your Moodle shell.
  4. You can paste that new URL into a Moodle resource such as a Label or a URL. Moodle's filter will automatically transform the URL into a Moodle audio player.

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