KB1045 - Popular Moodle Plugins and Extensions at VCC

One of the great things about Moodle is its expandability. Moodle's core Activities and features are often improved by third-party system extensions called plugins.

New plugins are tested carefully by Moodle HQ and eLSupport

While many plugins have been published for the Moodle platform, eLearning Support takes a conservative approach to their installation and support. Plugins take time to test and document, and unforeseen bugs or incompatibilities can impact other plugins or features, potentially affecting many VCC Moodle users.

Look what we already have

Here are over twenty of the most popular plugins and system extensions installed in Moodle at VCC:
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Plugin / Extension Purpose Courses/Shells Using
(as of August 2023)
Blackboard Ally (system tool) Accessibility System-wide
RecordRTC Audio Recorder (editor button) Editing System-wide
Kaltura Video Resource (resource) Resource 31096
H5P Interactive Content (activity) Activity 23603
Questionnaire (activity) Activity 9112
Choice (activity) Activity 8726
Sharing Cart (block) Course Mgmt 8046
Latest Announcements (block) Course Mgmt 7441
Zoom Meeting (activity) Activity 4646
Kaltura Media Assignment (activity) Activity 3325
Attendance (block) Activity 2326
DemoStudent (block) Editing/Testing 2216
Game (activity) Activity 1509
Lightbox Gallery (activity) Activity 1507
Quickmail (block) Course Mgmt 1305
Accessibility (block) Accessibility 822
Completion Progress (block) Resource 792
External Tool (activity) Activity 764
Scheduler (activity) Activity 713


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