KB1191 - What is H5P?

VCC's Moodle LMS includes a free suite of multimedia activity tools called H5P

H5P makes it easier for VCC Moodle users to create rich interactive content. Using H5P, authors can create interactive videos, presentations, games, quizzes, and much more.

To add an H5P activity to your VCC online course, read this brief KnowledgeBase article (and video):
KB1189 - Adding an H5P Interactive Activity

What kinds of activities can I build with H5P?

This page shows you many online examples of the kinds of activities you can build:

Are there any online tutorials for H5P?

Yes, quite a few actually...


  • For more H5P KnowledgeBase articles, see "Related articles" in the right-hand column of this article.
  • Check out this training course from CTLR): "Using H5P in Moodle


H5P is very well-documented on its website, and has links to instructions and tutorials inside each H5P activity.

Background on H5P from Moodle.org:

Background on the global H5P project:


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