KB1155 - Moodle Browser Compatibility

It's important to know which web browsers (and versions) work best with VCC Moodle.

Not every web browser make or version supports all of Moodle's features, but the most popular browsers do.
Since May 2024, VCC has adopted Microsoft Edge as the standard web browser at VCC.

eLearning Support finds that MS Edge is compatible with Moodle and supports its core features very well. Although Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers are installed on all college computers, VCC IT has found that Edge fully supports MFA sessions, which may greatly reduce (but not eliminate) the number of times users are prompted for MFA as they use VCC systems.

Compatible web browsers for VCC Moodle:

  • Microsoft Edge (desktop)
  • Google Chrome (desktop and mobile)
  • Apple Safari (desktop and mobile)
  • Mozilla Firefox (desktop and mobile)
  • Safe Exam Browser (desktop)

Note: Moodle 4.1 does NOT support Internet Explorer 11.

Compatibility is an ongoing effort

Moodle is a dynamic collection of modules, accessed by users from a variety of web-enabled devices, like desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. VCC's Moodle service is enhanced with third-party plugins that add features or augment Moodle's capabilities. So, in addition to compatibility with the "core" of Moodle's code, additional Moodle plugins may also have their own browser requirements or idiosyncrasies. eLSupport does its best to test for browser compatibility in many scenarios, but ultimately we rely on our users to observe and report any browser issues or inconsistencies while using Moodle. 

Here's Moodle's recent browser support information: