KB1210 - Using Real-time Captions and Transcripts in Zoom

VCC's Zoom Pro service includes a machine-generated auto-transcription feature that can display captions and a transcript in real-time during your online meeting. This improves accessibility for users who need captions, or if a sign language interpreter is not able to attend your Zoom session.

When enabled in the Host's Zoom account, the meeting will include an option to turn on a real-time captions display under the video, and/or a live transcript panel next to the video.

Zoom window, showing More menu, and Live Transcript option

Hosts: Enabling the Live Transcript feature in Zoom Settings

Before this feature can be used, the Host must ensure that it's enabled in the Settings of their Zoom Pro account:

Zoom settings page, showing the Audio Transcript option enabled

Once enabled, the next meeting hosted will display the "Live Transcript" option in each user's "More" menu.

Attendees: Using the Live Transcript feature during a Meeting

Attendees can turn the captions or transcript displays on or off from the "More" menu option in Zoom:
Zoom window, showing More menu, and Hide Subtitle option

Captions will appear in real-time at the bottom of the video, and when open, the transcript panel features a "Save Transcript" button to save an offline copy of the full transcript text.

Performance Issues

Displaying the transcript panel does seem to slow down Zoom's overall performance somewhat. Screen and audio could appear to be slightly delayed or jumpy, especially on calls with numerous attendees. It's recommended to only use this feature if it's really necessary. 

Zoom Documentation:


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