KB1217 - Free Video Captioning Tools

Free Video Captioning Tools

Here are some free ways to create and edit captions for your videos:

Otter.ai (“Otter Voice Notes”)

If you have the video in MP4 format, you can upload it to Otter, and after a few minutes, download a transcript and/or captioning file. (FYI, Otter's captioning is almost flawless. You may only need to add punctuation and correct a few words.)

• Create your own free account at Otter.ai
• Hit “import audio/video” (or “Start recording” to record right into your browser)
• When upload or recording are done, select “Export Text” (.txt, .srt, etc.)

YouTube Auto-caption Export

• Upload your video file to a YouTube account and wait until YouTube’s auto-captioning has created captions for you.
• Edit the captions using YouTube’s built-in editor and export/download them (SRT format).

Free Captions Converter (SBV to SRT)

Here's a free converter if you need to translate between different captioning formats:
Transcribefiles Caption Subtitle Converter:

Editing your SRT Captions File Manually

It may be easiest to make small edits to a caption file directly, using a plain text editor. The SRT caption format is a plain text format that can be edited in a plain text editor, such as Windows NotePad, or in Microsoft Word (as long as you save the file back out as "Plain text" and make sure the file extension is ".srt").


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