KB1222 - How to Upload an Existing Caption File to Kaltura

Uploading an Existing Caption File to Your Kaltura Media

  • In your My Media page in Moodle, click "Edit" on the video you want to begin captioning.
  • Click the "Captions" tab, and then click "Upload captions file.
  • In the requester that appears, click "Browse" and select your captions text file, and then pick your Language "e.g. "English"), and type in a little label for users to see the name of your Language (e.g. type in the word "English")
  • Click Save, and your caption file should be uploaded. (You can confirm this by playing the media and looking for the little "CC" icon in the player.)

This Kaltura video shows you how to upload a caption file to an existing video:


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