KB1150 - Changing a Course Name

Every Moodle course shell has three unique identifiers:

  1. Moodle Course ID (appears in the URL of a course, after "view.php?id=")
  2. Course full name (appears in list of courses, as well as the top of the course pages)
  3. Course short name (appears in the breadcrumbs and navigation menus)

Although you cannot change a course's unique ID number, you CAN change the full and short name. However, they MUST be unique and not match any other course in Moodle. Even a changing one single character is enough to make it unique, but usually it's best to include one of the following, at the end of a course name:

  • CRN
  • Instructor surname or initials
  • Term code
  • season/year  (e.g., Spring 2016)

VCC course shell naming policy requires that a course shell include the four character and four digit course number, followed by the official course name.  For example, a course called Precalculus has the code MATH 1020, so the both the full and short names should begin with MATH 1020.

For tips on and examples of how to name your Moodle course, see Knowledgebase article KB1121.

To CHANGE the course full name or short name, complete the following, starting at your course's main page.

  1. From the course Actions menu (green cogwheel at the top-right of the course page) click on Edit Settings.
  2. On the Edit course settings page, under the General area, enter your desired course names in the Course full name and/or Course short name fields, being sure to stick to the VCC course shell naming policy previously mentioned.
  3. Save your changes.


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