KB1281 - Moodle Course Naming Standards

UPDATE: In order to enforce the new naming standards in departments that are now using the bulk course shell procedures, the ability to change a course name may only available to those in a Moodle 'manager' role those departments. 

UPDATE (Oct 28, 2022): Instructor Surnames will no longer be included by default in the standard names. 

All Moodle shells have a full name and a short name.

The full name shows up under the "My courses" list on the main page of Moodle, on the Dashboard, and at the top of every course shell.

The short name shows up in the Nav Drawer and the breadcrumbs of the course shell. The short name MUST be unique on the Moodle server.

Both the full and short names must include the CRN.  Optional additional information such as Instructor, Terms, or other identifiers (e.g., AM/PM) may be added AFTER the CRN.

All academic Moodle shells should follow the following VCC standard course format, where everything to the left of the "pipe" character "|" (shown below, in red, only to make the explanation more clear) remains unchanged from copy to copy but the information on the right varies but should be present, in order to come up with a unique identifying name (shown in green, below). Some instructors may wish to add optional additional identifiers at the end of the name for various reasons.

Note: If you wish to add an optional additional identifier to your course name, contact your Program Assistant or eLearning Support to make the request, being sure to include the Unique Moodle Course Shell ID in your request.

Long Names

[Subject Code] [Course number] - [Official Course Name] | CRN 00000 optional additional identifier


  • MATH 1200 - Calculus 2 | CRN 60234 AM Class
  • BIOL 1120 - Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 | CRN 60986 M/W Class
  • CMPT 1010 - Introduction to Computer Programming 1 | CRN 67890 (Smith) 
  • CMPT 1010 - Introduction to Computer Programming 1 | CRN Unassigned

Note: In instances where there are multiple CRNs all CRNs should be included.


Short Names

[Subject Code] [Course number] | CRN 00000


  • MATH 1200 | CRN 60234
  • BIOL 1120 | CRN 60986
  • CMPT 1010 | CRN Unassigned 1
  • CMPT 1010 | CRN Unassigned 2



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