KB1303 - Importing H5P activities from other repositories

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It's possible to import an H5P activity into your Moodle course from an outside repository (such as BCcampus, or H5P.org).
You will be able to edit your copied activity to customize it to your needs.

This how-to page from H5P.org shows you the steps:

The procedure involves clicking "Reuse" on the activity you want to get a copy of, and downloading the activity's .h5p package file to your computer. From there, you can import that package file into a new H5P activity inside your Moodle course. To Moodle, it will be almost like you had created the activity in the VCC H5P plugin: your student's grades will show up in the course gradebook. But, you will have "transplanted" the activity, instead of building it form scratch.

What's the difference between Reuse and Embed?

 At the bottom of an H5P activity, you may(*) see two small links: "Reuse" and "Embed".

  • "Reuse" will give you a copy of the .h5p package file (i.e. H5P source code) to import into your Moodle course. This is like getting your own original version of that activity. After import, it will look to Moodle as if you created it yourself inside Moodle's H5P.
  • "Embed" gives you an embed code that lets you plunk a remote copy of the original activity into your course. That embed code just points back to the activity t its original location. (It's external code that has no relation to your Moodle course gradebook, even though you may display it inside your Moodle course.)

(* Note: "Reuse" and "Embed" may not be enabled on every H5P activity. Those features are usually enabled by default, but it's up to the each site administrator to decide.)


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