KB1002 - How to Manually Enrol a Student

As an Instructor, you can manually enroll your students in your course, if they have trouble self-enrolling.
After they're enrolled in your course, the student will be able to access it without entering an enrolment key.

How to Manually Enrol a Student into your Course:

Go to Participants >> Enrol Users and click the "Enrol Users" button to search for the student who cannot enroll.

In the dialog box that appears, click in the "Select users" field, and enter the name, VCC email address, or VCC student number of the student you want to enroll.
When you see the student listed in blue, click on it once so that it's listed above the field in green (as seen here).

When you have searched and added all the students you need to, make sure that the Student role is selected below, and then click the "Enrol selected users" button at the bottom.

Note: To re-instate grades that the student had previously achieved in your course, select "Show More", select "Recover user's old grades", and select an appropriate "Starting from" date. 

Picture of the Enrol Users dialog, from the Participants page.


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