KB1161 - Online Course Access Instructions

Instructors are responsible for granting their students access to their courses.
There are several ways for student to gain access to a course:

When using the self-enrolment method, you may wish to send the instruction letter, below, to your students.

Step 1.  Set an Enrollment Key for your course to control who is able to get in. [Find out how]

Step 2.  Complete the 'Online Course Access Instructions' form (attached to this article) to ensure it contains all of the information your students need to access their course. Be sure to fill in all of the required information (in yellow highlighting) and the contact information from the two drop-down lists. This is a WORD TEMPLATE so you should change your file name from "Document" to something more meaningful to you and your students.
[Download the Word Template from the "Downloads" block in right-hand column of this article]

Step 3. Send the completed form to your students.
It is recommended that you send it to your students via email as well as standard mail to ensure that all students receive the document. Those using a blended delivery are encouraged to handout the form in class and demonstrate the initial login procedure to the students.

Online Course Access Instructions Image