KB1214 - How to manually re-enroll students with previous grades

If a Student becomes unenrolled from a Moodle course, the Teacher can re-enroll the Student and re-instate their previous assignment submissions and grades

Unenrolled Students are:

  • Still in Moodle's database as Moodle users.
  • Disassociated from your Moodle course: they can see it in the "Home" page, but cannot access it.
  • Unsubscribed from your course's Discussion Forums: they won't receive Moodle emails on new posts or replies.
  • Removed from any course Groups that they were joined to.

Unenrolled Students can be re-enrolled.

When an unenrolled Student is re-enrolled, their assignment submissions, teacher feedback, and grades will be restored into the course to their last known point. (This information was preserved by Moodle - associated with the Student's Moodle user account.)

To Re-enrol a Student and their previous coursework and grades:

  • To re-enroll, click on "Enrol Users" in the Participants page:

    Enrollment Options window
  • Click the "Show details" link, and the checkbox called "Recover user's old grades".
  • Select a "Starting from" date for the user's previous course activity and grades.

When you click the "Enrol selected users and cohorts" button, the user will be re-enrolled into the Participants page, and their previous coursework and grades will be re-instated in the course.

(To re-enroll a non-Student, like an editing Teacher or another role, you may need to contact eLearning Support for assistance: eLSupport@vcc.ca)


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