KB1230 - What are Term Codes and CRNs?

At VCC, all courses in the Banner registration system are uniquely identified using a Term code and a CRN.

Term Codes

A term code is a 6 digit number, indicating the period in which a course begins and also may indicate the School delivering the course. The first 4 digits show the year.

The following examples use the year 2022:

  • 202250 - Basic Education Continuous Intake
  • 202240 - January to March term
  • 202260 - April to August
  • 202270 - September to December
  • 202291 - January to March (CS and SIE)
  • 202292 - April to August (CS and SIE)
  • 202293 - September to December (CS and SIE)

CRNs (Course Reference Numbers)

A CRN is a 4 to 5 digit number provided for every course. This number is unique within a specific Term Code, but can be reassigned for the next year.
(Although it's possible to be the same course, it doesn't have to be.)

You can generally determine from a CRN which term code it belongs to.
For example, using the Term codes above...

  • The CRN 41234 belongs to the 40 term and therefore with 202140.
    • This CRN could be reused for 202240, 202340, etc.
  • The CRN 74526 belongs to the 70 term and therefore with 202170.
    • This CRN could be reused for 202140, 202340, etc.

Banner / Moodle Auto-enrolment

When setting up auto-enrolment in Moodle, the Term code and CRN are needed to create a single code. For example, the CRN 41234 in Term 202240 would result in a code of 20224041234.

For more information on this, see Knowledgebase article KB1090.


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