KB1300 - Multi-CRN enrolment into one Moodle shell

Normally, each course has one CRN and one Moodle shell, but there are occasions where you teach the same class to multiple CRNs of students in the same term.

In some cases, you might find it easier to have all these CRNs enrolled together into just one Moodle shell. The obvious advantage of using just one Moodle shell for multiple classes is that you can do course updates or add info just once – you don’t need to copy or repeat the same thing to multiple shells. 

If you want to identify students within their respective classes, or keep some assignments, forums, or activities separate, you can make use of groups within the single shell.  The eLSupport article KB1029 - Using Groups and Groupings provides further information about using groups.  Moodle.org also has a good article with details on using groups.

Setting up Multi-CRNs in your Moodle course

If you would like to have multiple CRNs enrolled into just one Moodle shell, there are some background technical things that the eLearning Support team will need to setup for you.

Please submit a request using our Multi-CRN Setup Request form.  Allow up to 5 business days for the multi-CRN enrolment to be set up.