KB1179 - End of Term/Course Checklist

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The following is a GENERAL list to help you prepare for the end of term or end of your Moodle course:

In the days or weeks prior to your course finishing, you should:

  • Ensure your gradebook is correctly calculating grades, but manually calculating one or two students' grades and comparing them to what the Moodle gradebook is showing.
  • Ensure the start date of your course is set correctly. See KB1026 for instructions.  This does not affect whether or not your students can access your course, but it does affect course logs.  Also, if your course is still hidden the day before its set start date, you will receive a reminder notification to "unhide" or "make visible" your course. This can be a welcome reminder.
  • Use the "Switch role to... Student" or, if you have one, use your own VCC Student account to see your course the way your students will see it. See KB1064 for instructions. (TIP: Not sure if you have a student account, or not? Contact eLearning Support or the VCC Helpdesk and ask.  We can find out for you.)

After your course ends, you should:

  • Hide your course from student view, if you will not be resetting it for the students. See KB1097 for instructions.
  • If you are using self-enrollment:
    • if you haven't already done so, check to ensure the enrollment key you provided your students matches the one you set for your course.
    • check your course, intermittently to see if students are managing to self-enroll successfully.
  • If you are using BANNER enrollment, you should already have students enrolled in your course by the time the course starts. If you don't, something has not worked as it should and you should submit a support ticket to eLearning Support. Include your course id or FULL course name in the support ticket.

* If your course uses groupings to immediately separate students into cohorts or other exclusive groups, please submit a support ticket to the eLearning Support team for assistance.


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