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At VCC, Moodle Gradebooks should be kept for a period of 7 years after course completion, however, the courses are only kept for 2 years.
Therefore, you will need to download your gradebook and store it in a secure place, such as your department's network drive. Check with your Department Head about this.

Downloading (or "Exporting" as it is called in Moodle) is done from the Grades page of your course.

  1. Look for the Export to Excel spreadsheet option on the drop-down menu.
  2. Ensure the grade items you want are checked (as shown in the image, below)
  3. If you want to include feedback, ensure that box is checked. You may have to expand the Export Format Options section to see it.
  4. Once all the appropriate boxes are checked, click on Download.
  5. The file should now exist somewhere on your local computer. From there, you can move it to your department's secure location.
  6. Be sure to delete it from your own system, for security reasons. 

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