KB1202 - Overview: Kaltura Video Players at VCC

This article describes the benefits of the custom video players available at VCC, and how to use them.

The Kaltura media platform can provide different kinds of players for video media, according to particular needs. These are custom players, which have been set up inside the Kaltura platform by VCC eLearning Support. It's easy to select which kind of video player you want to use when you go to embed a video in a Moodle page.

Kaltura's Standard Video Player

Kaltura's default video player has search and navigation features that you may not find elsewhere.
Watch this video from Kaltura to see some of the typical features possible using Kaltura's standard default video player.

You'll see that this video actually combines two video sources into one picture-in-picture presentation, and also has some navigation and search features. (Make sure your volume is up, so you can hear the host as she describes the features.)

Custom Video Players at VCC

At the request of VCC faculty and staff, some custom video players have been created in our Kaltura platform.

Transcript-capable Video Player

For video users who need closed captions, a full text transcript is often very helpful as well. On any video that has closed captions, a transcription block can easily be added underneath the video to show all the captions text in one display, along with download and printing features.
This article describes how to select and use the Transcript-capable Player on your Kaltura videos:

Skinless Video Player

What if you don't want your viewers to be able to rewind or skip ahead in the video? It's possible to use this custom video player to restrict the playback controls available to your audience.
This article describes how to select and use the Skinless Universal Player on your Kaltura videos:



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