KB1234 - Computing Basics

We use computers almost every day, but do we really know how they work?

Whether you use a mobile device or a laptop or desktop computer most often, it's handy to understand something of how computers and the Internet work.

You might want to learn some common keyboard shortcuts to save time, or how to effectively research using search engines, or how and where you should be storing your personal information (and what about all those photos or videos?). Luckily, there are many free resources available to you online.

Here are some sites that you may find useful:

Vancouver Public Library Guides: "Computers"
A vast collection of links to online tutorials on a variety of essential computing topics:

Internet Basics (GCF Global)

LinkedIn Learning courses (VCC)

VCC has made LinkedIn Learning available for free to employees. You'll find many video-based courses on all sorts of topics.

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