KB1257 - WeBWorK: Creating a new Homework Set

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Without some homework or tests, your WeBWorK course won't be much use. A WeBWorK course must contain at least one Homework Set. 

Creating a new Homework Set

Video Tutorial:

  1. Go to your WeBWorK course homepage and click Library Browser in the Main Menu on the left. 

  2. To create a new Homework Set, type the name in the empty text field and click Create a New Set in This Course

Check the Set's Enrolled Users

Users who existed in WeBWorK before a Set was created may not be enrolled in that new Set - it's always good to check and make sure.

From the Hmwk Sets Editor, on the row of your Set, click on the link in the "Edit Assigned Users" column:


This will take you to the "Users Assigned", where you can assign or unassign users for the Set:

  1. Click the button "Assign to all current users" to quickly assign all the current users in your course to this Set.
  2. Deselect any users whom you want to unassign.
  3. Click "Save" to save your changes.

If you selected "Assign to all current users", you will see this confirmation message:

Editing a new Homework Set 

Each Homework Set needs to have some Problems inside it. The most common way to populate a new Homework Set is to import problems from a public repository, such as the Open Problem Library (OPL). 

  1. In the Homework Sets Editor, edit your set if you need to change the Open Date, Close Date, or Answer Date. (These determine the opening and closing of availability to your Students, and when Answers will be released to them by WeBWorK.) 

  2. In the Homework Sets Editor, click on the number in the column "Edit Assigned Users". 

    • In the "Users Assigned" page, click the checkbox next to the users whom you want to access your new Set. 

Adding Problems to your Homework Set 

The following article will help you populate your Homework Sets with Problems from WeBWorK repositories: