KB1265 - WeBWorK: Advanced Library Search

In WeBWorK, the Library Browser's Advanced Search lets you enter more specific search criteria to locate Problems from a repository.
(This expands upon the Basic Search, which is the default view for the WeBWorK Library Browser.)

How to use Advanced Search

When you first open the Library Browser, you're on the Basic Search screen:

WeBWork Library Browser Basic search default page

When you click the Advanced Search button (above), the form displays additional search options (below):

WeBWork Library Browser Advanced search page

Advanced Search Options

  • Textbook: Select a specific Textbook edition by name. 

  • Text chapter: Select a specific Chapter, based on the Textbook selected above. 

  • Text section: Select a specific Section, based on the Chapter selected above. 

  • Level: Select one or more Levels, based upon Bloom's Taxonomy (click the "?" Icon for more details). 

  • Keywords: Enter one or more keywords to search the library. 

  • Update Menus: Ensure that the chapters or sections listed are correct (in case you select a different textbook in the middle of a search). 

  • Reset: Reset the search form to its default settings. 

  • Basic Search: Returns you to the default search form.

Some Advanced Search Form Behaviours

Search Parameters are "AND"ed

The parameters you select in the search form lists are "AND"ed together in the database query:
e.g. "Subject AND Chapter AND Section"

Basic and Advanced Fields are Mutually Exclusive

Selections in the Advanced Search form are mutually exclusive of the options in the Basic form - they do not work together. It's not obvious at first, but you cannot select "Subject AND Chapter AND Section AND Textbook".

There's no connection between the three Basic Search fields at the top, and the Advanced Search fields below them. In other words, if you select a Subject from the top-most list but then select a Textbook from the list below, your Subject selection will be reset to the default "All Subjects".