KB1256 - WeBWorK: Creating a Course

Requesting your new WeBWorK course

To request the creation of a new course in WeBWorK, you can use an online request form to give eLSupport enough information to create it for you.

How to request a WeBWorK Course from eLSupport

What eLSupport does to create your WeBWorK course:

  • We create your new course in WeBWorK according to the details you provide in the form.

  • We add you as the primary "Prof" (Instructor) role in the new course. 

  • We create a new "preconfigured tool" in VCC Moodle, to make it easy to add your WeBWorK course to other Moodle course(s) in future. 

  • If you request it, we add a new "External Tool" activity to your Moodle shell, to connect it to your new WeBWorK course.

Reviewing your new WeBWorK course

When your new WeBWorK course is ready, you'll receive an email from eLSupport with all the details (including which Moodle shell it's connected to, if requested). 

As the Instructor, you can review your new course by logging in to WeBWorK directly using its web interface: https://webwork.vcc.ca/webwork2/ 

Developing your new WeBWorK course

The next step is to develop some content in your WeBWorK course. The following articles will help you prepare Homework Sets and other content for Students in your new WeBWorK course: