KB1080 - Grader Report Tip: Avoid Vertical Scrolling

The Grader Report can be difficult to read when you have many students (rows) and many activities (columns).
Use the following tip to eliminate the need to scroll vertically, making it easier to find the appropriate column in your grader report.

Change the number of students (rows) per page

With the grader report of your course showing, you should:

  1. Determine how many rows* you can comfortable view on your computer screen without having to scroll down
  2. Click on "My report preferences," under the Administration block
  3. Click on the "Grader report" sub-menu
  4. Under the General category of the Grader report preference page, look for the field "Students per page"
  5. Enter the number you came up with in step #1
  6. Save your changes

Now, you should no longer have to scroll down to see the horizontal scrollbar, but you will need to move from page to page, using the page navigation links.

This setting now applies to any grader report you view, in any course.

* NOTE: Effective December 12, 2013, we have changed the default number of students to 10 per page for all, but if this is not appropriate for your screen, please follow the above instructions.