KB1031 - Using the Moodle Gradebook

All grades for each student in a course can be found in the course gradebook, or 'Grader report' in  the "Grades" menu option, at the top of the front page of your course.

The Gradebook collects items that have been graded (i.e. assessable activities) in your Moodle course. It allows you to view and change them as well as sort them out into categories and calculate totals in various ways.

For more information on the Grades, check out the various topics covered on the Moodle.org documentation page: https://docs.moodle.org/en/Grades

Please watch the video below (also, see KB1171 - Moodle Gradebook Basics).

If after watching this video you'd like to meet with someone to assist you with setting up your gradebook, contact eLearning Support. You will need to provide a Course Evaluation Plan (a breakdown of your course grading structure and weightings) and some sample grades and total calculations for testing purposes.

Tips for setting up your Gradebook:

  1. Set up your grade categories in advance (e.g. Assignments, Projects, Quizzes, Exams)
  2. Choose the NATURAL aggregation method for your categories (this aggregation method is the easiest to understand and work with).
    Use the check boxes in the Weights column to enable editing of the default grades.
  3. If working on or experimenting with your gradebook while a class is active, temporarily hide it from the students to avoid confusion and possible panic (under Course Admin, Edit Settings, Appearance, "Show gradebook to students"). Remember to show it again when you're finished.
  4. Move your grade items up and down in the gradebook structure so that it makes sense to you and your students (use the MOVE icon, located on the far left of each item while in Categories view)
  5. If you also have a student login, enrol your student login into your course as a student. Alternatively, search for the user named Grade Tester and enrol it. Enter fake grades for this user, being sure to manually calculate and compare with Moodle's results.
  6. Use the Grader Report and the SINGLE view (the grey pencil icon, located just to the right of a student name) to enter sample grades for one or two students (see previous tip) and check to ensure that the totals add up as you expect them to.  You can delete these grades, after your testing, but be sure to UNCHECK the Override boxes on the Single view page. 

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