eLearning Support (Faculty & Staff only)

CTLR's eLSupport Team helps VCC faculty and staff with Moodle media, technical, and user support. The Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Research (CTLR) promotes innovation, quality, research, and educational technology as applied to teaching and learning. Learn more about the CTLR at http://ctlr.vcc.ca

Categories (7)

Creating and managing shells for online courses, etc.

Creating and managing course content, Moodle feature requests, and accessibility issues.

Moodle user roles or account issues.

Moodle application administration and system performance.

Help with audio, video, or interactive media for online learning.

Non-technical inquiries about eLearning or CTLR support or documentation.

VCC's WeBWorK Math and Science homework system.

Services (2)

Get Help from eLSupport (Faculty & Staff only)

(Faculty & Staff only) Need help but not sure sure where to ask? Use this...

Request a Moodle Course Shell (Faculty & Staff only)

(Faculty & Staff only) Request a new Moodle shell for student-facing online courses or other uses.