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Services or Offerings?
Adding, removing, or modifying user roles in Moodle.

Request a duplication of all course shells within an existing category.

Online design or implementation of activities or resources in the Moodle LMS.

Creating courses in WeBWorK at VCC.

Designing or managing audio, video, or interactive media for online courses.

Issues with overall Moodle responsiveness, or system-wide problems.

(Faculty & Staff only) Request a new Moodle shell for student-facing online courses or other uses.

Issues, updates, or modifications to Moodle user accounts.

Adding users to a Moodle course shell (Teachers, Students, etc.)

Issues with current Moodle accessibility, or enhancements to make it more accessible.

Supporting the integration of outside web services with a Moodle course (e.g. Blackboard Ally, Pearson MyLab)

Moodle features and capabilities that VCC users would like to see.

Course backup, restore, and retention issues.

Duplicating a Moodle course shell.

Removing a Moodle course shell.