My Recently Visited Services

Adding, removing, or modifying user roles in Moodle.

Device won't turn on? Fuzzy screen? Strange noises? Click Start Here to report the problem.

(Faculty & Staff only) Need help but not sure sure where to ask? Use this...

Issues, updates, or modifications to Moodle user accounts.

Projectors, LCD panels, Smart boards; this is where you will get help for issues with these types of problems.

Issues with current Moodle accessibility, or enhancements to make it more accessible.

Replaces the previous paper TARF. Be sure you have the new employee's Banner ID before proceeding.

Designing or managing audio, video, or interactive media for online courses.

Creating courses in WeBWorK at VCC.

Use this service if you need a desk phone assigned to an individual, or multiple people.

If you're having trouble with your VCC-issued cell phone, use this service.

Course backup, restore, and retention issues.

Non-technical inquiries about eLearning: design methodologies, best practices for online teaching, or developing program-wide strategies.

Submit a request to have multiple CRNs attached to a single Moodle shell.

Request for multiple CRNs to be set up to use one Moodle shell

For use when employee or student needs temporary MFA exemption

Use this when adding or removing permissions for an I.T., staff member who has elevated permissions beyond that of a regular user

Use this if you wish to work outside of Canada and require a security key to access VCC computing infrastructure, email etc

For instructors working with students in select computer labs.

Inquiries about real-time user support: in-person, web conferencing, or phone.

Request a duplication of all course shells within an existing category.

Use this when an automated system has generated a report of malicious or suspicious behaviour from a user account, application or other electronic service