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Use this for Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones and Printers.

(Faculty & Staff only) Need help but not sure sure where to ask? Use this...

Inquiries about real-time user support: in-person, web conferencing, or phone.

Travelling with your VCC-issued cell phone? Use this service to inform us about your travel plans

Designing or managing audio, video, or interactive media for online courses.

Replaces the previous paper TARF. Be sure you have the new employee's Banner ID before proceeding.

Select this service if your department's Sharepoint site admin needs to be changed

Duplicating a Moodle course shell.

Removing a Moodle course shell.

Online design or implementation of activities or resources in the Moodle LMS.

Need software or need a change to existing software, click here.

Requests for specific Moodle plugins to extend or enhance Moodle's capabilities.

Request a duplication of all course shells within an existing category.

(Faculty & Staff only) Request a new Moodle shell for student-facing online courses or other uses.

Form used for automatic processing of incoming security alerts from various sources

CTLR requires two docking stations for Surface at the DTN office, room 728

Issues, updates, or modifications to Moodle user accounts.

VCC is phasing out Surface devices manufactured by Microsoft. As stock depletes, future requests will be fulfilled with Dell equivalents.