My Recently Visited Services

Non-technical inquiries about eLearning: design methodologies, best practices for online teaching, or developing program-wide strategies.

If you're having trouble with your VCC-issued cell phone, use this service.

Need software or need a change to existing software, click here.

Please use this only if your issue does not match the previously-provided categories.

Submit a request to have multiple CRNs attached to a single Moodle shell.

Need 1 or more computers moved? Click Start Here to begin.

Need a computer moved as part of an office move? Use this service to submit your request

Use this service when submitting feedback about the VCC deployment of Azure Virtual Desktop

Request a duplication of all course shells within an existing category.

Adding, removing, or modifying user roles in Moodle.

Device won't turn on? Fuzzy screen? Strange noises? Click Start Here to report the problem.

Need to add or remove someone from your departmental Sharepoint Site? Select this service to submit your request.

(Faculty & Staff only) Need help but not sure sure where to ask? Use this...

Requests for specific Moodle plugins to extend or enhance Moodle's capabilities.

Request old computers, monitors etc be picked up for recycling

Online design or implementation of activities or resources in the Moodle LMS.

Projectors, LCD panels, Smart boards; this is where you will get help for issues with these types of problems.

Adding users to a Moodle course shell (Teachers, Students, etc.)

Need to work from home, or having a problem using VPN? Use this service to submit your request.

Request a new computer, cell phone, printer, keyboard/mouse or any other piece of physical equipment here.