Popular Services

Replaces the previous paper TARF. Be sure you have the new employee's Banner ID before proceeding.

Use this for Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones and Printers.

(Faculty & Staff only) Request a new Moodle shell for student-facing online courses or other uses.

(Faculty & Staff only) Need help but not sure sure where to ask? Use this...

Need software or need a change to existing software, click here.

Device won't turn on? Fuzzy screen? Strange noises? Click Start Here to report the problem.

Request a duplication of all course shells within an existing category.

Request an IT project.

Submit a request to have multiple CRNs attached to a single Moodle shell.

Duplicating a Moodle course shell.

Request for multiple CRNs to be set up to use one Moodle shell

If you're having trouble with your VCC-issued cell phone, use this service.

Adding, removing, or modifying user roles in Moodle.

Creating courses in WeBWorK at VCC.

Use this if you wish to work outside of Canada and require a security key to access VCC computing infrastructure, email etc

Need to work from home, or having a problem using VPN? Use this service to submit your request.

Please use this only if your issue does not match the previously-provided categories.

Request old computers, monitors etc be picked up for recycling

Use this Service to request an Azure Labs session for your class. Azure Labs provides the ability to teach Operating Systems such as Windows 11, Windows Server or Linux. The main benefit is that Azure Labs provides students with FULL ADMIN RIGHTS. Full Admin Rights are not available in VCC computer labs otherwise. Other operating systems also available, please inquire with the Help Desk for further information.

Are you having trouble connecing to WiFi, or is your PC not getting an internet conenction? Use this service to report your problem.