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H5P's searchable "OER Hub" lets you browse and download activities from other H5P authors, under OER licensing.

The OER Hub is integrated right into H5P in VCC Moodle. You can easily search and use activities submitted from H5P users across the globe. You can also submit your own H5P activities out to the H5P OER ecosystem for others to use.

H5P OER Hub: Features in a Nutshell

  • Browse hundreds of publicly-distributable H5P activities covering all kinds of subjects and different languages. (It's not all gold ;) but there is a lot to choose from!)
  • Download H5P activities and customize them to your needs, right inside your Moodle course.
  • Upload your own H5P activity (or an adaptation you've made to one) and share your work back out to the H5P OER community.

Getting an OER Activity from the Hub

Searching and Browsing Content

View of "Get Shared content" from H5P OER Hub

  1. Click on "Get Shared Content" to open the OER Hub interface.
  2. Enter a search term, or select from the filter options below.
  3. Review the search results, and click on an activity to preview it.

Downloading Content

Once you've found an activity you like, click on it to select it. From there, you can see its details and look at any Previews or Tutorials provided by the author.

The H5aP OER Hub, looking at one specific activity

To start working with the activity and customizing it, click the "Get Content" button.

Once the content has downloaded, you will have your own local copy of the activity, and can edit and customize it to suit your needs. 

Submitting an OER Activity to the Hub

H5P activities that you create can also be submitted back to the OER Hub for others to use.
When viewing or using your created activity, you will see a link "Share on H5P Hub".

Linik to Share activity to H5P OER Hub

Click "Share on H5P Hub" to begin the sharing process...

Sharing an H5P activity, step 1, "Required Info"

Follow stages one through three to add the required metadata for your activity. 

Sharing an H5P activity, step 2, "Optional info", including Metadata

When you've specified everything, review your entry details on the "Review and Share" stage:

Sharing an H5P activity, step 3, "Reviewing information, and Sharing"

You'll now be ready to click on "Share" to send your activity to the H5P OER Hub.


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