KB1277 - Moving items around in the OneTopic format

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If your course uses the OneTopic course format, here's how to move an item from one tab to another:

  1. Make sure editing is turned on.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the tab and click 'Tabs editing options' (bottom-left).
  3. Click 'Enable moving items between tabs!
  4. The cross-hair icons will change to up/down arrow icons.
  5. Click the up/down arrow of the item you would like to move.
  6. Click on the tab you would like to move it to.
  7. You will see an arrow pointing towards a white box in every location where you can move the item to. Click the white box to where you would like the item moved.
  8. Once you have finished moving the item, scroll to the bottom of the tab and click 'Tabs editing options' and 'Disable moving items between tabs'.
  9. The four-way arrow icon will re-appear against every item, indicating that drag and drop has been re-enabled.

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Fri 2/18/22 7:56 AM
Tue 11/22/22 2:02 PM

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